Mai Cannon is the founder and CEO of maiOmai. She was born in Vietnam, but her family left Vietnam shortly after her birth. She considers herself a California native though she’s lived in several states throughout the country.

Her career has been primarily in the financial services industry until the birth of her first child. Being a stay-at-home mother has given her new perspective on the importance of parenthood. Each day she aims to provide the best experience for her children. This not only includes their diet and learning. It extends to what they put on their bodies and how they play. Mai sees our daily habits as a reflection of how we value our lives. She also understands that education is a key contributor to how we live.

Mai wants to educate everyone on the importance of knowing what is in the ingredients of everything that we consume and use as this is often taken for granted. A chemical that we use for one ailment could very easily create another some time later in our lives. She believes that natural products offer us the chance to avoid some of those issues.

She is a proud daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend to many. Her passion for cooking and creativity drive her to try more things than many people have ever even thought possible. She refuses to be limited to what she has done, and continues to explore the great multitude of possibilities that we all could have – all in an effort to build a better world around us.

Mai Cannon photo