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Make-Up Remover


Make-up remover only.

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Oil based make-up remover is a game changer for just about any skin type and condition.  The make-up remover dissolves excess oils on your skin, as well as make-up, waterproof mascara and sunblock.  Clean, plant-based skin-loving ingredients will make this a wonderful addition to your skincare routine.  Make-up remover comes with two reusable bamboo cotton pads.


Oil plant-based ingredients improves complexion, skin tone, helps reverse sun damage, skin tightening, moisturizing, soothe eczema, drying skin condition and reduce inflammation. Glass bottle is recyclable.

ingredients: almond oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, extra virgin coconut oil, vitamin E, lavender essential oil

Directions: wet cotton pad, apply a few drops of make-up remover directly onto the wet cotton pad and gentle wipe make-up off face.
Note: please discontinue use if you experience an allergic reaction.

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